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Because of our affiliation with Mount Sinai/Beth Israel we are able to call upon any medical specialty our patients require in health care. A mere phone call can achieve what most physicians and consumers would take a month to accomplish.

Inner Imaging is the only dedicated preventive center in New York State. We serve the needs of over 600,000, New Yorkers and over 200 unions. We detect 105 diseases and have confirmed 11 forms of cancer to help save lives. At Inner Imaging we can detect some diseases up to two decades before symptoms occur. Give yourself the advantage of our fast, accurate & painless screening.

Inner Imaging has the world's fastest & most accurate heart screening capability

  • Advanced EBT Scanner
  • 99% Accurate
  • 40 second heart scan
  • Non-Invasive
  • No Needles
  • No dye
  • No discomfort

Why The EBT Screening Test
Is The Best Screening Test For Women

One in 31 women die of Breast Cancer, while one in 3 women die of Heart Disease. This is a national tragedy, and one that is preventable in a high percentage of cases. For women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, it can seem as though a heart attack "comes from nowhere", but this is rarely the case.

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Learn about the Inner Imaging EBT Scanner

Inner Imaging can detect signs of coronary artery disease long before other forms of testing can by as much as twenty years!

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Learn the facts of heart disease

The Inner Imaging EBT Scanner can detect coronary heart disease, the true cause of cardiac events while an EKG and Ultra Sound are unable to do so. And Nuclear Stress testing can only detect end stage disease when it too late for prevention

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The EBT Scanner at Inner Imaging is recommended by:
  • American Heart Association
  • American College of Cardiology Foundation
  • Journal of American College of Cardiology
  • Society of Atherosclerotic Imaging
  • The SHAPE Study
  • St. Francis Heart Study
  • Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
  • Association of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography
  • American Society of Nuclear Medicine
  • National Cholesterol Education Program
  • American College of Cardiology Appropriateness Criteria
  • Long Term Prognosis of Coronary Calcium
  • New England Journal of Medicine

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